Dave Troy Bio

I set this up for use by conference organizers and members of the press who may need my bio and a photo. I try to keep this up to date.

Long Bio

David Troy is a serial technology entrepreneur. He started his first business at age 14 in 1986, and has been working in the information technology industry since then. In 1995 he founded ToadNet, a major regional Internet service provider near Baltimore, which he sold to Landmark Communications in 2004. He has been an active contributor to projects such as Asterisk and developed a large-scale distributed call-center technology and VOIP telephony systems for global technology companies. In 2007, David launched two side projects, Twittervision and Flickrvision, which were featured in the 2008 exhibition Design and the Elastic Mind at the Museum of Modern Art. Since then, David has been exploring projects in data visualization with his current company Roundhouse Technologies, which he founded in 2008 with partner Stephen Muirhead. David is also very active in the local technology scene in Baltimore and is a co-founder of Beehive Baltimore, the first coworking space in Baltimore. He is also cofounder of Baltimore Angels, an angel investing group specializing in early-stage information technology startups. In 2009, David also founded TEDxMidAtlantic, a conference dedicated to the power of ideas to change the world; in 2010 he helped organize the BmoreFiber initiative to attract Google’s fiberoptic network investment to Baltimore. He is 38 and lives in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife and two children. He is a certificated private pilot.

Short Bio

Dave Troy has been a serial technology entrepreneur since 1986 when he started a computer mail order business at age 14. Since that time he has founded multiple companies, including an early Internet service and hosting provider, ToadNet, which he sold in 2004. Since then he has been working on software development and in building the technology community in his hometown, Baltimore, Maryland. He was the force behind many tech-community initiatives including SocialDevCamp East, Barcamp Baltimore, Beehive Baltimore (a coworking facility), Baltimore Angels (an angel investment group), and TEDxMidAtlantic. He also serves on the board of two regional technology councils and is president of the Friends of the Maryland State Archives. He resides in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife and two children and is a certificated private pilot.

410 Labs Bio

Dave Troy (CEO) is a successful serial entrepreneur and investor and founded ToadNet (ISP and hosting company, sold to Landmark Communications). He is also an angel investor and cofounded Baltimore Angels in 2009. In 2007, Dave created Twittervision, a real-time visualization of traffic on Twitter, and has been credited by the Twitter founding team as the first developer to use the Twitter API. He co-founded 410 Labs in 2010 to focus on creating tools to help people combat information overload. He currently serves as CEO and product architect for Mailstrom at 410 Labs. He lives in Baltimore with his wife and two children, and is a certificated private pilot.

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